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Sandi came into our lives on June 5, 2016. Her “people” were getting a divorce and she had to go. We got lucky.

There was a family discussion about whether we should bring her into our lives. Heather was living with us, close to her due date with Carter. She didn’t really have an opinion either way. I was all for it, as long as she got along with FleaRoy. Zoe was for it, but reservedly so. Deniz was being the “practical” one, analyzing costs, space, time,… She became part of our family – emotions won.

Sandi covered in shavingsSeveral times (okay, many – let’s be honest here) we caught Sandi in FleaRoy’s house (cage) eating both his food and his poop. 🤢 For Sandi, bunny poop was a delicacy. She would try to sneak in and out without being caught but the tell-tale signs would be all over her face. She would be covered in shavings as she smiled with her stubby little tail wagging as if to say, “What! I was only passing by. Aren’t I cute?!?

Sandi loved to play with Zoe on the bed. Zoe would run her hands and feet under the blanket and Sandi would pounce, bite, and scratch like a cat. They would go at it until we were exhausted – Sandi from pouncing and us from laughing. I loved watching them go at it.

Zoe discovered that Sandi hated belly farts. If Zoe would blow raspberries in her belly, Sandi would (sort of play) attack her. Even hearing the noise would get her riled up.

Sandi had some serious spice in her ‘tude. If I did something – anything to annoy her, she would make this “pfew” noise and give me a side eye. If I tried to sleep in? “Pfew” Didn’t bring her on the bed at night? “Pfew” Too slow preparing her food? Wouldn’t share my popcorn or carrots with her?  “Pfew, pfew, pfew!

She could put CUTE into overdrive too. Her deep brown eyes and her soft honey coat were irresistible when she she turned her eyes up to look at you. When I would kiss her belly or face, she’d rub her paws over her eyes, tilt her head, and look at you with all sorts of cuteness. There was no escape. You were caught in her love.

On Thursday, July 14th, we helped Sandi cross her rainbow bridge. In the end, she had a hard time walking, peeing, or eating, and her joints hurt to the point that she’d cry out when she moved. As hard as it was, it was the kindest thing we could have done. She was ready.

We love you Sandi girl, and miss you like crazy.