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A bit of glitter to brighten your spirit. A bit of magick to brighten your soul.

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Simples Tinctures

Inner Warrior Sparkle

Echinacea Tincture


Ginko Tincture

Spirit Sparkles

Mimosa Tree Flower Tincture
✨ 2023 Simples Tincture Award Winner ✨

Down & Out Warrior

Late Boneset Tincture

Easy Deep

Mullein Tincture

Totus Tranquility

St. John's Wort Tincture

Happy Place

Maral Root Tincture

Sacred Vitality

Holy Basil Tincture

Soothing Salves

Lip Dippy

Calendula, Comfrey, and Peppermint Salve

Bugs Be-Gone

Mugwort & Rosemary Salve

Itchy Bye-Bye

Purple Dead Nettle Salve