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The Team

Sheri Kurdakul


I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, a healer, and a guide.

My professional life has taken me through so many journeys, and I am grateful for the lessons each one has taught me. If you’d like to see a bit of my work, you can look here – Sheri’s Work.

Now my journey is taking me to school to work on my craft as a healer.



I am a husband, a father, a friend, and a reader.

I love the outdoors and spending time with my family.

Herbal Studies

I’ve always felt connected to Mother Earth, enjoying walks in the woods, growing herbs, veggies, flowers, and fruits, and sitting outside while quietly observing nature all around me. Now I will hone my hobby through a structured herbal studies program.

Echinacea flowers with text, "Herbal Education"

Glitter Witch Gardens

Glitter Witch Gardens logo black & white

From my studies, I have discovered that I love to make things that help and support others. My garden is called, “Glitter Witch Gardens” where everything made is infused with positivity and healing energy.

Hand-crafted, foraged and home grown goodies infused with a bit of herbal magic. Products will include inks, incense, and more. All products are seasonal and made in small batch quantities, because Mother Nature only has so much to give.

Sheri has a way of always being a step ahead and a step above where you'd expect. She has worked as both client and vendor for us and our clients. She is overflowing with determination, smarts, a positive attitude, and creative original ideas. On top of that she gives of her time to not-for-profits, friends and family freely while never seeming to tire of it. Quality, timeliness, and attention to detail go without saying. She is as close to a modern day business woman super hero as I've ever seen.

Brian HasenkampOwner, Asenka Interactive

Sheri and I have worked on (2) 1300+ person multi-day conferences and she's been simply awesome to collaborate with. She is a thoughtful, solution-based thinker who understands how innovative systems & technology can bring successful outcomes (and relief!). She's a tremendous asset to any team.

Olga MoriartyExecutive Director, Northeast Organic Family Farm Partnership

Sheri is one of the most knowledgeable and creative marketing professionals I've ever met. She consistently delivers beyond expectations and has been instrumental in the successful growth of many local businesses.

Ruth GatlingInstructor, YOUnify: Mind, Body, Spirit

Sheri is a pleasure to work with and addresses each task with creativity and comprehensiveness. She is detail-oriented and follows through on all activities with excellence. Her ability to use technology to further an organization's mission and purpose in a meaningful way is invaluable.

Erin Bunger JohnsonAssociate Director, Montclair State University