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The Magical Journey

of Sheri Kurdakul

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Failures mean we’re moving, doing, and creating change. If you’d like to follow along, I’m happy to share my adventures below.


Herbal Studies

I’ve always felt connected to Mother Earth, enjoying walks in the woods, growing herbs, veggies, flowers, and fruits, and sitting outside while quietly observing nature all around me. Now I will hone my hobby through a structured herbal studies program.

Echinacea flowers with text, "Herbal Education"
three school logos

2 Girls TOOW Tour

This is not your typical fairytale. Sheri and Caroline are both survivors of domestic violence who have chosen to turn tragedy into purpose. And they are taking that purpose on the road to raise awareness, deliver resources, gather stories, and help victim supporting organizations bring community together for better survivor outcomes. Learn more about the 2 Girls TOOW Tour.

Donations for TOOW supplies can be made from our Amazon Wish list. Click on the button below to view our list of needs and wants.

Glitter Witch Gardens

Hand-crafted, foraged and home grown goodies infused with a bit of herbal magic. Products will include inks, incense, and more. All products are seasonal because Mother Nature only has so much to give.

Glitter Witch Gardens logo with flowers in the background

Product page coming soon, as this glitter witch is still gathering, brewing, and preparing all sorts of goodies! Come back soon…

Kiki's Delivery Service flying over the town